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As coronavirus surges in some communities, some health care systems are overloaded. Federal estimates suggest that coronavirus cases and deaths could get a lot worse in many places without continued social distancing measures. Federal health officials estimated in early April that more than , Americans could die from COVID if all social distancing measures are abandoned, and later estimates pushed the possible death toll even higher, according to documents obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. Some outside experts say even that grim outlook may be too optimistic. The documents, created by the Department of Health and Human Services, spell out the data and analysis the agency is sharing with other federal agencies to help shape their responses to the coronavirus. While the White House’s coronavirus task force has cited other models created at academic institutions, the federal government has not made public its own modeling efforts. The documents paint the fullest picture yet of the assumptions underpinning the government’s response to the pandemic. The Trump administration is laying out plans for how to reopen America’s economy, and protesters are parading near state Capitol buildings to demand that happen swiftly.

What Happens If U.S. Reopens Too Fast? Documents Show Federal Coronavirus Projections

Financial markets partially recovered from their late-March lows, but the U. What economic scenario do markets currently reflect? We explored four potential financial-market outcomes based on International Monetary Fund IMF scenarios for GDP growth, ranging from a swift V-shaped recovery to a pessimistic L-shaped scenario, in which outbreaks recur and lockdowns return well into

In the reference scenario, the global population was projected to peak in at 9·73 and what happens to countries when fertility levels drop below a total fertility rate (TFR) of 2·1, , whereas the global population continued to grow after in the slower scenario. Date accessed: May 29,

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The year-old prime minister has called two elections this year, has twice been given the chance by the president to put together a ruling coalition, and has twice failed. The fact that President Reuven Rivlin will now turn to someone else leaves Netanyahu even more vulnerable in his fight for political survival. But although he has failed, the man now set to try his hand, centrist general-turned-politician Benny Gantz, also has no clear path to success.

You use this function to apply due date scenarios to account balances to you do not enter an end date, the system stops calculating the simulated interest after​.

Our primary model is now extremely confident that former Vice President Joe Biden will win a majority of pledged delegates. But our model is saying that so long as anything remotely resembling normal operations continues, Biden is very likely to win. He has massive polling leads in states all over the map that were once expected to be competitive.

What if Sen. Bernie Sanders substantially beats our forecasts? Could the race look more competitive then? Unless something big changes, things will get very out of hand for Sanders very soon. In states that have already voted, he currently trails Biden by around 80 delegates based on results as reported as of this morning. That deficit that may expand as California continues counting its vote — late-counted ballots have been more favorable for Biden than the ones counted on election night — but leave that aside for now.

Parental leave scenarios

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Scenarios where employees can, and can’t, take parental leave. applies for 26 weeks’ parental leave payment through Inland Revenue just before she goes on leave. At the date that Chris and Tracy will start care of their child, Chris: Alex wants to take primary carer leave to look after the baby girls.

Our latest dating advice articles leads you through the murky waters of being in a relationship. Hidden Non-Negotiables. When you are dating someone, you are still in the process of getting to know the other person. In every relationship, there are going to be some negative aspects about the other person, but it is especially upsetting when you find out the person does something that is a non-negotiable to you.

A non-negotiable is something quality, trait, action, etc. Maybe the person smokes, is a picky eater, has a child, currently has a boyfriend or girlfriend, etc. There are varying levels and they are different for everyone. But one thing is clear: once you find the non-negotiable in the person you are dating, it is time to break up. New Job, New City Your boyfriend or girlfriend just received a fantastic job offer! It is in a different country. You are perfectly happy where you are — nice job, close to your family and it used to be close to your significant other.

Now they are leaving to pursue their dreams. It is hard because you still love them and it is just distance that is going to pull you apart.

What happens now? Four scenarios for Brexit’s weirdest week

As world leaders gathered to mark the start of , they looked back on the coronavirus pandemic 30 years before as a turning point in the quest to rein in global warming. Nations pulled together to defeat the pandemic, and that launched a new era of cooperation to prevent a climate disaster. Investments in green energy and new technology yielded rapid cuts in emissions of carbon dioxide, putting the world on track to limit global warming to around 1.

Or maybe not. In , the world could look back and see the pandemic as little more than a blip in a long and mostly futile effort to stave off global warming. Despite a temporary drop in carbon emissions from the outbreak, countries turned to cheap fossil fuels to revive their economies after the crisis.

Scenario #2: You receive the following email from the Help Desk: Dear UCSC Email User, Beginning next week, we will be deleting all inactive.

The World Energy Outlook series is a leading source of strategic insight on the future of energy and energy-related emissions, providing detailed scenarios that map out the consequences of different energy policy and investment choices. This year’s edition updates the outlooks for all fuels, technologies and regions, based on the latest market data, policy initiatives and cost trends.

World Energy Outlook explores these widening fractures in detail. The World Energy Outlook does not provide a forecast of what will happen. Instead, it provides a set of scenarios that explore different possible futures, the actions — or inactions — that bring them about and the interconnections between different parts of the system. The gap between the promise of energy for all and the fact that almost one billion people still do not have access to electricity.

The gap between the latest scientific evidence highlighting the need for evermore- rapid cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions and the data showing that energy-related emissions hit another historic high in

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Create a message scenario You must first create a message scenario before you can define the launch condition, scenario steps, message, and delivery channel.. Click Message Scenarios under Subsystems and Integrations. The Message Scenarios screen opens. The Add Message Scenario window opens. Type the name users will see on the Message Scenarios screen in the Name field.

Data to date show that a person who has had and recovered from COVID may have low levels of virus in their bodies for up to 3 months after diagnosis. See scenarios below to determine when you can end quarantine and be around others. What to Do If You Are Sick · Isolate If You Are Sick · When to Quarantine​.

In these challenging times, we ask that if you can, consider making a donation or becoming a member of AAM. Thank you for your much-needed support. Update from Elizabeth : since I wrote this post last week, Spain and France announced lockdowns, President Trump recommended that people avoid gatherings of ten people or more , and Orange County, California, banned all public and private gatherings through the end of the month.

Thus demonstrating how hard it is to stay ahead of the curve when trying to forecast the pace of change in the middle of a crisis. As you tailor the scenarios embedded below for your own museum, keep this in mind: you may be pretty sure about what will happen, but uncertain about when. That is ok! You are not trying to make predictions—you are prepping your organization to respond to whatever might come.

This week I feel like my futurist training is of critical importance—because foresight is all about creating plans resilient enough to succeed in times of great uncertainty. Everyone is trying to understand what COVID is going to mean for their family, their community, and their organizations. Museum people are no exception.

You and your colleagues may be worried and distracted.

3 Ways The Next 2 Weeks Could Go: Even The Best Case Scenario For Sanders Doesn’t Look So Great

We map out the hit to the global economy and possible path for recovery under four different coronavirus scenarios. Needless to say, even these scenarios cannot try to fully predict reality, but we hope they can provide a benchmark for both the extremes and the middle-ground. In each case, we’ve laid out some possible health factors that may be driving the scenarios – although we’d emphasise these are not meant to be interpreted as forecasts.

Given socio-economic tensions and the significant economic fallout, the first European governments decide to begin relaxing the lockdown measures at the end of April. Others will follow in May.

scenarios to date and in the future, taking into account the ongoing COVID on it in the past, its ability to do so again may be restricted Some LNG SPAs.

For this reason, you should use the agency link listed below which will take you directly to the appropriate agency server where you can read the official version of this solicitation and download the appropriate forms and rules. Skip to main content. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Program Phase Year:. Topic Number:. Release Date: November 14, Open Date: November 14, Application Due Date: January 29,

Computer Security Self-Test: Questions and Scenarios

In , a time when quantitative, computer-driven planning was very much in vogue, Royal Dutch Shell started experimenting with a different way of looking into the future: scenario planning. The authors interviewed almost every living veteran of the Shell scenario planning operation, along with top Shell executives through the years. They identify several principles that both define the process at Shell and help explain how it has survived and thrived for so long.

For instance, Shell scenarios are stories, not predictions, and are designed to help break the habit, ingrained in most corporate planning, of assuming that the future will look much like the present. They must above all be plausible, with a logical story line, in order to encourage intuition and judgment.

Consideration of moving election date; Confirmation that and worse case scenarios for what happens next; speed of isolation.

And we are about to enter what will surely be the weirdest week of this term, as MPs desperately try to block a no-deal Brexit. It will be strange and unpredictable, as they attempt to rip up the parliamentary timetable and introduce their own legislation. They will rely on the Speaker behaving equally abnormally in order to help them get their way. So what could happen over the next week — and how likely are the different options?

This would be a particular type of debate under standing order 24, which would normally have a very boring motion for MPs to vote on at the end, merely acknowledging that the house has debated the matter. In this instance, though, MPs are hoping the Speaker will allow them to amend that motion and take control of the parliamentary timetable. This seems the most likely scenario, but it has a number of problems.

Often MPs are quite happy to overlook detail but, in this case, a poorly worded bill could give Johnson the opportunity to wriggle out of getting an extension to the Brexit deadline. If they succeed in getting it through its Commons stages, the MPs then have to hope that the legislation survives the Lords, which is far less likely.

The NHL’s coronavirus pause: Scenarios for fanless games, impact on 2020-21 and more

Keeping on top of multiple software platforms can take hours — linking your Membership Management System to your social media accounts or Google calendar, for instance, can involve hours of manually transferring data, or some very complex coding. Integromat is a tool you can use to connect Wild Apricot to over other popular apps and software, without writing any code.

Check out this introductory post for more details on what Integromat does, how to get started with an account, and some ideas of ways to use it. How to start a new scenario. How to add modules. How to include dynamic data fields.

However, even after cases of COVID have been detected, some (Note that this could happen in any of these scenarios; it is just more.

Here you can find information regarding different scenarios you may face when refreshing data within the Power BI service. If you encounter a scenario that is not listed below, and it’s causing you issues, you can ask for further assistance on the community site , or you can create a support ticket. You should always ensure that basic requirements for refresh are met and verified. These basic requirements include:. Once you’ve confirmed those requirements are met, take a look through the following sections for more troubleshooting.

If you’re coming to this article from an email notification, and you no longer want to receive emails about refresh issues, contact your Power BI admin. Ask them to remove your email or an email list you’re subscribed to from the appropriate datasets in Power BI. They can do this from the following area in the Power BI admin portal.

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